Thermal Spray Coating Services and Equipment

Kermetico offers:
  • Thermal spray coatings of metals and alloys, to protect against wear and corrosion.
  • Tungsten carbide, chrome carbide, molybdenum borides, and more
  • Hard chrome alternative coatings - faster and better quality than hard chrome plating!
  • AcuKote HVAF equipment for deposition of high quality coatings.

We use advanced high-velocity thermal spraying technologies to deliver a uniform quality coating that's unrivaled in industry. Automated robotic applications and strict quality control ensure durable and lasting surfaces, every single time.

Our facilities are located in the Benicia Industrial Park in the North Eastern San Francisco Bay Area – We are surrounded by major oil refineries, steelworks, and other industrial sites.

AcuKote HVAF Equipment

Acukote HVAF Coating Services
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